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  • 1PhxBabies|280|9300
  • 2ROMPGTAS|400|5558
  • 3DadyCool|400|4465
  • 4-DevilDog-|400|4164
  • 5-Morrigan-|1|3700
  • 6HooPz|999|3285
  • 7LuchoCASLA|999|3211
  • 8-TruffleX-|999|3044
  • 9DeViLfIsH|999|3037
  • 10Alexya|400|3000
  • 11r4gE|999|2997
  • 12-Wizkalifa|158|2938
  • 13-Kratos-|400|2600
  • 14-Answer-|1|2590
  • 15Dezmon|400|2532
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  • 1BR0TH3RS|3493|78
  • 2AntiWeak|3341|25
  • 3OVERKILL|2893|22
  • 4SESSiONS|2075|5
  • 5ROOKIE|2024|21
  • 6PK4FUN|1891|25
  • 7CRUSADEZ|1841|27
  • 8M0BSTAZ|1839|30
  • 9CalmaoS|1780|27
  • 10iFuck|1726|16
  • 11KissPink|1716|10
  • 12xLSVx|1655|9
  • 13SC0TCH57|1643|5
  • 14DAMULL|1640|29
  • 15defect3d|1640|41
 [News]Happy holidays
 By Bupyc

Hello dear players, OpenMU wish for all of you a
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and best wishes!

We have a big promotions, like a 25% more credits for same price, only in period 20.12 - 01.01
For more info about our promotions click HERE

From OpenMu Community

 [News]New method for Free Credits
 By Bupyc

We have added another method to earn credits for free
You have to complete surveys to get credits for free!
Please click Free Credits for more information.

From OpenMu Community

 [News]New things in OpenMu
 By Bupyc

We've added a new way for getting credits,
it consist in join in Devil Square and get point, each million points can be exchanged for 50 credits.

Also we've added a new section, where you can see who's online at the moment

There's a new jewel called Box Of GM droped in
Blood Castle, Chaos Castle and some more events
you can exchange it for 25 credits in WebShop Jewel Seller .

From OpenMu Community

 [News] Client
 By Bupyc

Our Client now is clear !
Hello, our lovely players of OpenMu,
today i wish to share to you about our new client
it can be use specially for all who had virus on their client
this new one so you can start play safe again
Thanks for joining our network!

 [News] Facebook
 By Bupyc
To enter in our FaceBook page just click the image.

You can find OpenMu even in FaceBook!!

 [News] OpenMu Info
 By Bupyc

2 SubServers:
#1= PVP
#2 = Non-PVP
Server: OpenMu
Server is From: Bulgaria
Version: Season III Episode I
Experience: 99999999x
Drops: MAXXX

Bless Bug: On
Reset Lvl: 400
Max Level: 400
Reset Zen: 1 mil
Reset Points: Keep STATS!
Points Per Level: 20/30
Box+1,2,3,4,5 In Shop Lorencia !
Wings 1,2,3 Level in Shop !
All Jewels in shop

Maximum Stats: 65000
Max Resets: 999
Clear Inventory: No
Clear Skills: No
Clear Stats: No

- Vote System - Vote for Us and Get Rewarded!
- Grand Reset Feature - Exchange resets for WebShop Credits.
- 24/7 Online Dedicated Server hosted in Bulgaria, Sofia.